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Parkinson’s Care

Reliable Parkinson’s Care Fort Myers Families Trust

When an aging parent, spouse or relative is diagnosed with Parkinson’s, families are often unsure of what the future holds. Will their loved one be able to continue living at home independently? How will their loved one’s care needs change over time? What options are there for treatment? Although there is no way to predict the exact course of Parkinson’s, with help from Home Care Assistance of Fort Myers, you can rest assured that your loved one will receive the tailored level of care needed to promote health, happiness and independence throughout each stage of the disease.

Expert Parkinson’s Caregivers Help Promote Quality of Life

While immediate symptoms of Parkinson’s are often associated with movement – tremors in the hands, arms and legs, difficulty walking and stiff muscles – the disease is neurological and can have a significant impact on a patient’s mood, behavior and cognitive functioning. Along with help with mobility, safe transferring, feeding and personal care, our Parkinson’s caregivers:

  • Provide companionship to reduce the risk for depression
  • Help with occupational and speech therapy exercises
  • Engage clients in stimulating and fun brain games and activities
  • Accompany and offer reliable transportation to events and medical appointments

Help for Families of Seniors with Parkinson’s

Our services are a great help to Parkinson’s patients, however they are also an invaluable resource for families. Even the most loving and devoted family members will find it difficult to provide care for a senior in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s, especially if they are juggling care with work and raising children. We encourage you to use our Parkinson’s care services for respite, so you can take the time you need to rest, relax and return to your care responsibilities with strength and a renewed outlook. Not only will your health be at optimal levels, so will the quality of the care you provide.

Take the First Step Toward Peace of Mind

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