How the Immune System Changes with Age

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Age-Related Immune System Changes

Seniors are at higher risk for certain illnesses because of the changes the immune system goes through over time. If you care for an aging loved one, the home care experts at Home Care Assistance of Fort Myers want to help you better understand the impact of aging on the immune system, so you can help him or her live a healthy and happy life at home.

  • Fewer white blood cells

    : The immune system needs white blood cells to protect the body from bacteria and infections, but produces less of them as a person ages. A senior is more likely to get sick because he or she has fewer white blood cells defending against harmful bacteria and substances.

  • Harder time identifying threats

    : A senior’s immune system not only takes longer to identify harmful substances and infections, but it also has a harder time identifying these threats in the first place. In other cases, the immune system may be unable to properly identify healthy cells and will attack them, putting a senior at risk for autoimmune disorders such as type I diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Slower response to antibodies

    : When seniors take medications or get a vaccination, their body may take longer to respond to the antibodies than younger adults. This gives bacteria or infections more time to spread to the body, leaving the entire immune system susceptible to health conditions. 

As you can see, the body goes through many changes with age so it’s important that a senior takes extra steps to stay healthy. At Home Care Assistance of Fort Myers, we provide in-home care services designed to promote a senior’s overall health. A Fort Myers home care provider can help your senior loved one with:

  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation in accordance with dietary restrictions
  • Exercising and regular physical activity to keep joints and muscles active
  • Transportation for regular medical checkups and doctor appointments

For more information on how your senior loved one can benefit from the in-home care services offered by Home Care Assistance of Fort Myers, call (239) 449-4701 to speak with an experienced Care Manager.


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