Is it Possible to Age in Place with Dementia?

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Happy Senior Couple

Keeping an elderly loved one in the home or transferring the individual to an assisted living facility or nursing home is a question that many families are faced with today. Most seniors understandably have strong feelings about spending their twilight years in their own home and under their own terms. Unfortunately, when dementia creeps into seniors’ lives, the reality of staying at home can seem like a challenging task.

People who are suffering from dementia often forget where they are or what they are doing in the early stages. It is not uncommon for an older adult to begin cooking a meal and then leave it, forgetting about the task and moving on to something else. Dementia may also leave seniors in the later stages of the disease unaware of their surroundings, which can lead to wandering and feelings of anxiety, fear and even aggression.

Families who are aware of and become educated on the above mentioned symptoms, and who properly prepare for how to care for a loved one through each stage, will be able to care for their loved one in the comfort of home. Family members and friends who can devote time to helping the older adult are essential in providing him or her with the support needed to continue living safely and as independently as possible from home.

Having access to professional Fort Myers home health agencies can also provide dementia patients with a high level of care, assistance and support when other obligations keep family members from being able to help on a consistent basis. Home care agencies, such as Home Care Assistance of Fort Myers, have highly trained and qualified caregivers who know specifically how to meet the needs of seniors with dementia. Along with meeting physical and personal care needs, caregivers can provide companionship to help stave off the feelings of anxiety, loneliness and fear which are often associated with the disease.

It is extremely important to respect the dignity of our loved ones, and adhere to their wishes as much as possible. Fortunately, with support from services such as home care, families are able to do just that. For more information about aging in place with dementia and professional Fort Myers  home care, reach out to a friendly Home Care Assistance Care Manager today. Call 239-449-4701 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.


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