Alternative Stroke Therapies for Seniors

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Different Stroke Therapies for Seniors in Fort Myers, FL

Strokes can affect seniors in a variety of ways. Some might experience short-term memory loss, while others might face challenges with paralysis or a change in motor skills. Since every senior’s symptoms are different, your elderly loved one’s doctor might recommend either traditional therapy or something more unconventional. The Fort Myers stroke care experts at Home Care Assistance wanted to share some of the alternative therapy options for this condition.


Acupuncture is a common part of stroke therapy in China and Japan, though it is still somewhat uncommon in the United States. This therapy stimulates nerves and muscles and increases blood flow, which can help relieve your loved one’s pain and treat symptoms of paralysis and difficulty speaking and swallowing.


Massage increases blood flow to the muscles and can help boost your loved one’s mobility following a stroke. It can also lower your loved one’s blood pressure and heart rate, which can reduce the likelihood of future strokes. Massages also provide significant emotional benefits by reducing stress, anxiety, and even feelings of depression, all of which are common following a stroke.

Tai Chi

This ancient martial art focuses on balance, which is often affected by a stroke. It also requires both sides of the brain to work together to produce smooth, coordinated movements. Tai chi is a low-impact treatment, which means it will not put undue stress on your loved one’s joints.


Yoga reduces stress, which can help your loved one combat the emotional effects of a stroke. It also helps increase balance and dexterity in the affected muscle groups and is an excellent all-around low impact exercise regimen for seniors.

Music Therapy

Music therapy has been shown to help stroke survivors recover their gait, relearn speech, and combat symptoms of depression and anxiety. By learning the rhythms and patterns of his or her favorite music, your loved one can regain control over muscles that control skills like walking and speech. Relaxing or meditating to music slows breathing and lowers blood pressure, which can help stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities.

Herbal Medicine

Certain herbs and supplements can help increase blood flow and stimulate brain function. Herbal medicines like ginkgo biloba, mailuoning, and xuesetong are often used in Chinese medicine as stroke treatments. It is important for your loved one to check with a physician before taking any herbal medicines or supplements since they can have adverse effects or interfere with prescription medications.

If your loved one has recently experienced a stroke, turn to Home Care Assistance for help during his or her recovery. Our caregivers can assist with mobility and exercise, medication reminders, transportation, and many other important tasks. For more information on senior home care Fort Myers families trust, call (239) 449-4701 to speak with one of our experienced Care Managers and schedule a free in-home consultation.


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