Fidget Toys for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimers Fidget Toys

If you care for an aging parent or loved one with Alzheimer’s, most of your day is likely devoted to keeping them as safe, comfortable and independent as possible. As a leading provider of Alzheimer’s and dementia home care in Fort Myers, we know that it can be difficult to achieve such goals, especially as symptoms progress, and wanted to share some information about fidget toys for seniors with Alzheimer’s.. Providers of home care, Fort Myers families can count on, discuss a fidget toy and how you can select the right one for your loved one with Alzheimer’s.

What is a Fidget Toy?

So what is a fidget toy you may ask? A fidget toy is essentially something that your loved one can hold in his or her hands to keep them engaged so that he or she can focus on what’s going on around them. While fidget toys are commonly used for children who have trouble learning, more and more geriatricians are seeing the benefits for those living with cognitive conditions.

Fidget toys come in many shapes and forms and can act as a great alterative to restless or destructive behavior. Many family caregivers have found that fidget blankets are extremely helpful. These are often small blankets that have pockets, zippers and ties for when hands need to be distracted. The blanket itself can also provide comfort and a sense of security. Other fidget toys include rubber bands, stress balls and slinkys. Items that offer various colors and textures help relieve anxiety and give a senior a viable outlet to express restless feelings.

Selecting the Right Fidget Toy

No two seniors are alike, meaning symptoms will differ from one person to another, and thus a fidget toy that is praised by another caregiver, might not work for your loved one. It’s important to try various items and see what they respond to. You may also have to coach them in how to use the item. For instance, a senior’s first reaction to a ball may be to throw it as opposed to gently squeeze it during conversation. It’s also a great idea to discuss possible fidget toys with your loved one’s doctor or physical/occupational therapist for other ideas for finding the right toy.

Getting Help with Care

If your aging parent or loved one is experiencing some of the later symptoms of Alzheimer’s such as anxiety, it may be time to get help with his or her care. Home Care Assistance is a trusted Fort Myers Alzheimer’s care provider, offering highly trained caregivers, flexible care schedules and no long-term contracts.

For more information about our tailored Alzheimer’s care plans or our revolutionary Cognitive Therapeutics Method for promoting brain health and mental stimulation, call 239-449-4701 and request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with an experienced and friendly Care Manager.


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