Questions to Ask the Doctor after an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

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Alzheimers Questions for Doctors

An aging loved one’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease can be overwhelming, often resulting in a flood of emotions for both the senior and their family members. For this reason, it’s important to develop a close relationship with your loved one’s doctor by asking questions to help develop a better understanding of how the disease is likely to affect your loved one and your family.

While you will need to plan for the future in terms of finances, legal rights and long-term care such as in-home care in Fort Myers, you will also want to become familiar with the disease and its progression. Here are some common questions typically asked after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

About the Disease

  • What exactly is Alzheimer’s disease?
    Note: This may seem like an obvious question. However, many people have the misconception that Alzheimer’s only involves progressive memory loss.
  • What is the natural progression of the disease?
  • Is there a chance that a patient’s children could be affected when they get older?
  • How long do people with Alzheimer’s usually live after being diagnosed?

Safety and Long-Term Planning

  • How much supervision will a senior need?
  • How long will the senior still be able to function normally?
  • Will there be a point where the senior may be a danger to him or herself or others?
  • Will the senior lose the ability to walk?
  • When will the senior need to stop driving and going out unsupervised?
  • Can the senior make decisions about advanced care now while he or she is still capable of making such choices?

Treatments & Medications

  • Are there any new treatments available that might help the senior?
  • What types of medications will seniors have to take?
  • Are there any medications that can slow the progression of the disease?
  • What are some of the common side effects of Alzheimer’s medications?
  • Is there a certain diet that can help?

Support Services

  • What kinds of support services are available for seniors and his or her loved ones?
  • If a senior needs help at home, are there support services available?
  • Do you have recommendations for support services?

Moving Forward with Confidence

If your aging parent or loved one has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, these questions offer a great starting point for learning about the disease. Having as much information as possible is one of the best ways you can ensure the safety, health and comfort of your loved one as they go through the stages of Alzheimer’s.

For more information about caring for a senior with Alzheimer’s, reach out to the Fort Myers home care experts at Home Care Assistance. We specialize in care for seniors with cognitive conditions and offer complimentary, no-obligation consultations where you can learn more about our advanced services and experienced Alzheimer’s caregivers. Call us today at 239-449-4701.


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