How to Avoid Senior Heat Stroke

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How to Avoid Senior Heat Stroke

Senior adults are more prone to heat related illnesses during the summer months because their bodies do not adjust well to sudden changes in temperature. Because heat stroke is a serious condition, caused when body temperature does not regulate itself properly, Home Care Assistance in Fort Myers, FL wanted to provide families with advice for how to keep their loved ones cool in the summer months to avoid heat stroke.

1. Use Fans and Air Conditioning

An older adult is at risk of a heat stroke when their body temperature rises to above 106 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature inside of a home can rise dramatically during the day creating a dangerous environment for seniors. Fans and air conditioning units are a great way to stay cool when the heat continues to climb.

2. Stay Hydrated

The body’s ability to cool itself through perspiration stops when a person is experiencing a heat stroke. When this happens, the body literally stops sweating. Seniors need to always stay hydrated, especially during extra hot weather. Caffeine and alcohol should also be avoided or limited because they accelerate the dehydration process.

3. Wear Loose Clothing

Wearing clothes that are appropriate for hot days helps seniors stay cool. Older adults need to dress in loose clothes that are light in color and made from a breathable material. This type of clothing allows the body to cool and encourages sweat to evaporate.

4. Find Shade

Changes in temperature can trigger painful headaches in older adults. Being outdoors during the heat of the day can be dangerous. Finding a shady area where your loved one can rest comfortably allows them to enjoy being outside and be sheltered from the sun.

5. Rest

Dizziness is a symptom of heat stroke that is problematic for seniors. Finding an air-conditioned place to rest helps the person cool down and allow their body temperature to return to normal. They may need to lie down to prevent them from falling.

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