Simple Exercises that Seniors Can Enjoy at Home

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At-Home Exercises for Seniors

A regular exercise program, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, may reduce many of the common age-related health issues facing older adults, including reducing the risk of falls and broken bones, improving cardiovascular and respiratory health, and even boosting mental acuity.

At Fort Myers Home Care Assistance, regular daily exercise is an important component of our Balanced Care Method, and all of our caregivers encourage their clients to incorporate as much exercise as safely and comfortably possible into each day. And the best part? Contrary to popular belief, exercise doesn’t have to involve going to the gym. It’s possible for seniors to get a great workout without leaving the house! Here are some of our favorite in-home exercises for older adults.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Seniors should do at least two or three 10-minute sessions of moderate cardiovascular exercise each day. There are several ways to do cardio exercises at home.

  • Walking in place

    is a simple exercise that takes very little room or equipment. Seniors should wear non-slip shoes for safety. If balance is an issue, seniors can rest one hand on a kitchen counter or use a walker. Lifting knees higher and swinging arms vigorously can increase workout intensity.

  • Stationary bicycles

    provide a seated, non-impact workout that can reduce pain and improve mobility for arthritis sufferers. Most seniors prefer recumbent bicycles because they are easier to mount and dismount than upright models, and provide back support.

  • A television can be turned into a workout device

    either with age-appropriate workout videos or with a game controller such as Playstation Move, Wii, or Kinect. Several exercise programs designed for seniors are available for popular movement-sensing game controllers.

  • Chair exercises

    are a great way for seniors to build strength. Seniors can sit in a sturdy dining chair and doing exercises such as arm circles, head circles, shoulder rolls, side bends, torso twists, knee and leg lifts, arm raises and bicep curls. Light dumbbells, exercise bands, or partially filled water bottles can add extra resistance.

Although exercise can improve seniors’ health, they should consult their health care providers before starting new exercise programs to ensure current abilities and health can support desired exercises.

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