4 Ways Older Women Can Boost Their Gynecological Health

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4 Tips on How Senior Woman Can Increase Their Gynecological Health in Fort Myers, FL

After menopause, women experience a range of changes within their bodies that may need to be addressed with a gynecologist. To stay in top condition, Fort Myers, FL, elderly home care experts suggest senior women should add these tips to their health regimen.

1. Guard Against Infections

Vaginal changes that occur with menopause, when combined with a lower immune system, increase the risk of certain types of infections. Women over 65 should practice preventative strategies to reduce the risk of yeast and urinary infections. Staying hydrated, changing quickly out of wet swimsuits or underwear, and practicing good personal hygiene all help guard against vaginal infections.

2. Manage Incontinence

There are many reasons why senior women develop incontinence, and it is important to be willing to talk about this concern with a gynecologist. This way, the underlying cause can be addressed. Seniors with urinary leakage will also want to learn how to manage their symptoms so they can continue to enjoy going out in public. From treating urinary tract infections to avoiding certain foods, a woman’s gynecologist will have the answers to help reduce accidents.

3. Address Symptoms of Menopause

Hot flashes are just the beginning when it comes to the symptoms women experience after menopause. Senior women may also experience symptoms that interfere with their sexual relationships, such as vaginal dryness or a lower libido. The health effects of menopause can also extend to conditions like osteoporosis. However, a woman’s physician can offer treatment suggestions along with preventative strategies that minimize the impact of changing hormones.

4. Stay on Top of Health Screenings

Breast cancer prevention is a hot topic among older women who may need to have a mammogram done every year. However, women may also still need a full pelvic exam with a pap test and STD test if they are sexually active, and a woman’s gynecologist may refer her for other screenings, such as colonoscopies and bone density scans. By making sure a senior woman’s gynecological health is taken care of, her whole body can benefit, and she has a higher chance of enjoying better overall health.

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