5 Health Benefits Garlic Offers the Elderly

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Interesting Health Benefits of Garlic for Seniors in Fort Myers, FL

In recent years, the use of natural herbs and spices for battling age-related diseases and other health conditions has become more commonplace. Garlic has been a major focus for many studies on elderly health, likely because of its strong antioxidant properties. The staff at Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of home care Fort Myers families trust, wants to share 5 health benefits seniors can gain from eating garlic.

1. Heart Disease Prevention

Cardiovascular disease is one of the major threats to senior health, but eating garlic can help reduce the risk. It can lower levels of harmful cholesterol and prevent the buildup of plaques that choke and harden the arteries, both of which contribute to decreased circulation and high blood pressure. Antioxidants like manganese and vitamin C defend tissues against cell damage, slowing age-related deterioration of the heart.

2. Brain Function Preservation

Cognitive skills tend to decrease with age, but garlic helps combat this by increasing circulation in the brain and regulating blood flow without being hard on the stomach like aspirin. It also promotes neuronal health and may prevent Alzheimer’s disease, the risk of which increases greatly with age.

3. Immune System Reinforcement

Crushed garlic is high in allicin, which many seniors rely on for its antibiotic properties. Garlic can minimize viral infections like the common cold, inhibit fungal growth, and rid the body of certain parasites. Incorporating garlic into meals not only reduces potential toxicity from heavy metals, it can also kill bacteria known to cause food poisoning.

4. Fatigue Reduction

Physical activity may decrease with age, but including garlic in the diet mediates blood sugar levels by promoting the release of insulin, which gives the body more available energy in the form of glucose. The B vitamins found in garlic regulate stress and allow more efficient functioning and greater physical stamina.

5. Skin Care

Signs of aging tend to be most obvious at the surface, but garlic has many attributes that can help senior skin stay healthy. It kills bacteria that cause acne and reduces inflammation in affected areas. Besides treating athlete’s foot and ringworm, which are fungal infections of the skin, garlic can also be used topically to prevent wrinkles.

To learn more about senior nutrition, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We are a leading provider of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and stroke care in Fort Myers, and our caregivers can assist with tasks like meal prep, grocery shopping, and much more. For more information on our senior care services and to request a free consultation with a knowledgeable Care Manager, please call (239) 449-4701 today.


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