Senior Care: Living with Chronic Pain

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Chronic Pain Management Tips

One of the most common challenges for older adults is living with chronic pain that can be caused by conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, it is common for seniors to cope with the discomfort by becoming isolated at home and having a limited lifestyle. If your aging parent or loved one is living with a condition that results in chronic pain, Fort Myers Home Care Assistance presents a few ways you can help them to manage it and enjoy life again.

  • Suggest Regular Stretching

    Stretching each day can significantly reduce chronic pain in the back, legs, arms, and neck. Performing squats can strengthen the leg muscles, glutes, and hamstrings to make it easier to go up and down stairs. Using a stability ball can also reduce back pain and alleviate discomfort in the joints.

  • Encourage Daily Physical Activity

    It can be challenging to remain active and mobile with chronic pain, but increasing your loved one’s activity level will work to improve the pain threshold with time. A physical therapist or trainer can provide specific exercises that are customized to improve the senior’s condition. A physical exam with your loved one’s doctor can also identify specific movements that may be triggers for the pain.

  • Try Something New

    The thrill of learning or participating in a new activity can allow your loved one to focus on something besides their pain, and in some cases, the activity can even help reduce the pain experienced. For instance, those who want to stay active can try yoga. One pose in particular that will help reduce pain involves bringing the knees to the chest while lying flat on the floor, which will provide gradual relief to joints in the legs and to the back.


  • Provide Companionship

    Because pain causes many seniors to withdraw from social situations, providing companionship can go a long way in boosting their mood and outlook on life. If a full-time job or your own children and family obligations prevent you from spending as much time as you would like with your loved one, other options such as hourly care in Fort Myers can ensure that a friendly and trained caregiver is with them to offer genuine friendship and assistance.

  • Adopt a Pet

    Adopting a dog, cat, or bird is an effective way of combating the loneliness that can come with chronic pain. Having a pet can bring joy into a senior’s life by instilling a sense of purpose in order to care for an animal. The playfulness of a dog or cat can also bring laughter throughout the day and make it easier to get fresh air outdoors. However, before adopting a pet, be sure that your loved one has the ability to care for it, both physically and financially.

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