How to Modify Fitness Routines with Age

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Safe Senior Exercise Modifications

Exercise is a primary component of staying healthy well into one’s golden years. However, a person’s flexibility, strength, and agility will begin to decline after the age of 50, and this can pose a few challenges for getting the right types and amount of exercise. To combat these age-related changes, workouts can be modified using these effective strategies from Fort Myers senior home care provider, Home Care Assistance.

Choose Low-Impact Cardio

Those with health conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis may find that their former favorite exercises, such as running, are no longer comfortable or safe. Alternative exercises, including cycling, spinning and water aerobics, can all provide the same cardiovascular benefits without the added strain on bones and joints.

Focus on Flexibility

Younger athletes often skip stretching before and after their workouts; however, older adults need to promote elasticity in their ligaments and tendons to reduce the chances of post-workout soreness or injuries. A good stretch will also help to keep the fluids moving through joints affected by arthritis. Floor stretches or using a resistance band can help seniors to fully stretch when bending and reaching is uncomfortable.

Accommodate for Lack of Balance

Injury prevention is an important concern for seniors who exercise, but problems with balance do not mean seniors have to skip workouts. Instead, a sturdy piece of furniture or equipment can be used as support during workouts. Chair exercises can also provide an efficient workout that does not include a risk of falling. Seniors with mobility problems can also benefit from having an in-home caregiver by their side to offer support and assistance.

Use the Buddy System

Active seniors should remember that anything could happen during a workout. Those who jog on outdoor trails may want to find a jogging partner who could provide assistance in an emergency. Group exercise classes can also add a social component that will provide more motivation for sticking to one’s workout plans.

The above exercises will keep seniors safe while still ensuring they get the maximum benefits from their workout. For more information about senior exercise, reach out to Fort Myers Home Care Assistance and ask about our revolutionary Balanced Care Method, which emphasizes the importance of daily exercise for our elderly clients. Call (239) 449-4701 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation today.


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