4 Fun Ideas for Spending New Year’s Eve with Your Senior Loved One

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Fun New Year's Eve Plans with Your Senior Loved One in Fort Myers, FL

New Year’s Eve is a fun night for many people, and with good reason. A celebration is a great way to wrap up one year and begin a new one, but many seniors aren’t able to stay out all night like they may have in the past or may be looking to do something a little different this year. If your senior loved one will be spending New Year’s Eve with you, consider these fun celebration ideas. 

1. Act Like Kids Again 

Encourage your loved one to invite a few friends for a New Year’s Eve sleepover and spend the evening talking, playing games, or watching movies. Be sure to catch the ball dropping in New York to ring in the New Year officially. Set up some air mattresses and move in recliners and other comfortable furniture from other parts of the house. At midnight, serve a New Year’s breakfast with pancakes, eggs, or quiche, and then let everyone sleep. You can offer juice, coffee, and muffins for a morning meal before your loved one’s guests depart. You may be surprised to notice how much fun your loved one has celebrating with friends in a way he or she likely hasn’t had the chance to do in years. 

2. Go Out to Eat

New Year’s Eve is a popular night to go out to eat in celebration, so consider joining this tradition with your loved one. This is a great option for seniors who want to spend time with their families, but may not want to stay up until midnight or go to a party. Consider going someplace different and exciting or to a restaurant you generally only go to for special occasions. In celebration of the New Year, splurge on a nice drink, an appetizer, or dessert for you and your loved one. 

3. See a Movie

Going to a movie, whether at a midnight showing or earlier in the day, is becoming a popular way to spend New Year’s Eve, and many theaters show popular must-see films and sometimes even classics on this special holiday. You’ll have the best chance of finding something you’ll both enjoy by going to a multiplex with many options, though a smaller theater can work fine as well. Treat yourself and your loved one to some movie theater popcorn and enjoy the holiday. 

4. Just Visit

Many seniors feel like they never get to spend quality time with their loved ones. This may be especially true for those receiving Fort Myers home care from a family member as time is often spent around caregiving activities rather than having quality time together. Set aside some time to just sit and visit with your loved one. If you like, bring some fun games to play while talking. Your loved one will thank you for the chance to have your undivided attention for a low-key New Year’s Eve celebration.

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