5 Ways to Ensure a Safe Family Gathering for Seniors with Dementia

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Hosting Safe Family Gatherings for Seniors in Fort Myers, FL

If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, getting together with a large family group can be difficult to manage, even if he or she is looking forward to the event. However, taking a few preparatory measures can help increase your loved one’s safety in such an environment. The staff at Home Care Assistance Fort Myers has put together this list of 5 ways to ensure a safe family gathering for your senior loved one with dementia.

1. Be Flexible

You may need to cut back on certain activities or make adjustments to accommodate your loved one’s needs. For example, you may have to schedule the gathering earlier in the day due to confusion caused by the sun downing some seniors with dementia experience.

2. Inform Your Guests of the Condition

Make sure you let your guests know about your loved one’s dementia so they can also be prepared. It is a good idea to give guests pointers ahead of time about the best way to communicate with your loved one. You should inform other family members that he or she may not recognize them, and that they should not take it personally. This can make guests feel more comfortable including your loved one in any activities at the gathering.

3. Try to Maintain a Normal Routine

Sudden changes in a daily routine can cause anxiety in seniors with dementia and lead to outbursts. Make sure meals and medications are dispersed at their regular times. If you are traveling with your loved one to a family gathering, try to bring along something from home, such as a favorite blanket or pillow, to make him or her feel more comfortable.

4. Start Preparing Early

If you and your loved one will be visiting family, you should request any necessary preparations far ahead of time so he or she can be properly accommodated. Let your hosts know about any special dietary and safety requirementsyour loved one has. Encourage labeling rooms such as your loved one’s bedroom and the bathroom to lessen confusion. Tell your loved one about the visit ahead of time and provide frequent reminders.

5. Keep Things Low-Key

Large crowds can be disorienting for people with dementia. If possible, try to limit your gathering to a few familiar faces. You can arrange for other people to visit one-on-one later on when the environment is less hectic.

Providing the necessary care for your loved one with dementia can be difficult even during a brief family gathering. Daily care presents further challenges that may require the assistance of an in-home caregiver. For trusted Fort Myers home care, turn to Home Care Assistance. All of our caregivers are trained in the revolutionary Cognitive Therapeutics Method, an activities-based program that helps slow cognitive decline and encourages your loved one to engage with others in an enjoyable way. For more information, contact one of our qualified Care Managers at (239) 449-4701 to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.


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