4 New Hobbies for Seniors

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Best Hobbies for Seniors

As seniors sometimes find themselves with more free time than before, they may find it difficult to find enjoyable ways to spend their days. Help your elderly loved one find a way to get engaged and keep active by suggesting a new hobby. Read on for four fun activities that seniors may find interesting, presented by a leading provider of senior care in Fort Myers.

1. Gardening

Gardening is a positive way for seniors to feel productive and in control. As with caring for a pet, tending to flowers and other plants can give your loved one a sense of importance by having something depend on him or her. As certain plants are easy to care for and require minimal physical labor, seniors with mobility challenges can also adopt this hobby. If you think your loved one might be interested in gardening, start him or her out with a small pot of geraniums or a tomato plant. Both of these plants are easy to grow, simply requiring daily watering and sunlight to stay healthy.

2. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking can be a fun way to maintain fine motor skills while also revisiting old memories and familiar faces. For some seniors, making scrapbooks can be a way to stay mentally and physically engaged. Finding and sorting through photographs and then artfully organizing and posting them in a scrapbook can be a cognitive exercise for your loved one’s memory and creativity skills, as well as a physical exercise for his or her fine motor skills while cutting and pasting photos. As an added bonus, these kinds of scrapbooking projects can yield wonderful gifts for family members and friends.

3. Puzzles

Puzzles are an effective way for your loved one to be mentally engaged and develop a sense of accomplishment. As some puzzles can be challenging, two sets of hands can make a jigsaw puzzle more fun. Encourage your loved one to do puzzles with other family members or with his or her Fort Myers part-time caregiver so that he or she can discuss puzzle strategy or chitchat while completing the image. If your loved one develops a taste for puzzles, you may also consider purchasing a personalized jigsaw puzzle for him or her, which can be made from family photos or other images that your loved one likes.

4. Painting or Drawing

Painting or drawing provides an opportunity for creativity, stimulating the brain, and a self-esteem boost for seniors. Whether it’s sketching with pencil or charcoal, or painting with watercolors or oils, many seniors love to create. To find art projects that appeal to your loved one, bring your loved one by an arts and crafts store in Fort Myers to get ideas. Some of these stores also offer short tutorial sessions, so if your loved one doesn’t know what kinds of art to try, he or she can take them for a test run.

If your concerned about helping your elderly loved one stay mentally engaged, hiring a professional caregiver from Fort Myers Home Care Assistance can help. Our experienced caregivers are trained in proprietary home care approaches, including the Cognitive Therapeutics Method. This program promotes seniors’ mental acuity and helps slow cognitive decline by engaging the five primary domains of the brain. Included at no additional cost to our home care plans, this revolutionary care method can help your loved one gain a sense of pride and accomplishment and delay the onset of memory conditions like Alzheimer’s. Call a Care Manager at 239.449.4701 to learn more about our senior care plans and to set up a free in-home consultation.


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