Looking Toward the Future of Elderly In-Home Care

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Predictions for the Future of In-Home Senior Care in Fort Myers, FL

In-home care is a growing industry, offering a variety of options for families and their senior loved ones who need high-quality care. While no one can predict what the exact future will look like for the in-home care industry, trends suggest the following possibilities are on the horizon. 

The Popularity of In-Home Care Will Grow

Up until a few decades ago, the majority of families would never have considered institutional care for an elderly family member. Many families cared for their loved ones at home when they were no longer able to care for themselves. Putting seniors in an institutional setting was, and still is in many parts of the world, seen as disrespectful. In the U.S., this outlook changed around the WWII era, but it is starting to shift back. People are recognizing nursing homes are often understaffed and the staff overworked. The level of care your loved one receives in some nursing homes may be less than he or she would while aging in place, a possibility that is making many families change their minds about in-home care. The growth of in-home care suggests nursing homes are likely to be far smaller or even become obsolete as other options become available. 

There Will Be Greater Need for In-Home Care

Another trend suggests there will be a significant increase in the need for in-home care providers. Some of this is due to the popularity of in-home care compared to other options, though this isn’t the only reason. Seniors are living longer than in any other generation, a trend likely to continue as medical technology advances. As seniors live longer, more will require assistance as they age. In the past, many seniors passed away before receiving dedicated in-home care because medical technology was not as advanced at curing or treating conditions. Since people are living longer and needing more help, it’s likely there will be a boom in the number of in-home care agencies seeking employees and in the number of families looking to employ part-time and live-in caregivers in Fort Myers for their senior loved ones. 

Affordability Will Increase

As the number of home care providers increases, more financing options may become available as well as greater affordability. Right now, though in-home care may be more affordable than some nursing homes and assisted living facilities, it’s still not practical for many people. Medicare doesn’t cover in-home care costs, and though Medicaid does sometimes cover this, there are serious restrictions like being required to use a Medicaid-approved business. However, as the demand grows for home care Fort Myers families can trust, it’s likely companies will seek to capitalize on the business they could get if they found a way to make in-home care more cost-effective. Many new options as well as improvements to current options are likely to be in the future, making it possible for more seniors than ever to benefit from in-home care. 

More Seniors Receiving In-Home Care Will Be Open to New Treatments

As the generations of seniors change, so will their openness and general reactions to changes in home care services. Many seniors are now open to or even expect the use of technology and seek alternative or complementary medicines and treatments. In the future it might not be uncommon to see more in-home caregivers showing seniors how to play video games, working through a yoga routine with them, or keeping in touch through text messages or emails. As our society goes through an overall reformation, we can expect seniors to be more open to the new treatments in-home care offers and go along with those changes, especially since the senior generation is increasingly embracing change.

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