Dementia Care: 4 Reasons to Provide Care at Home

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Why Provide In-Home Dementia Care

If your senior parent or loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, you might assume that a nursing home is the only care option, but have you considered in-home care? Reliable Fort Myers home care agencies offer seniors a high level of quality care on a one-to-one basis without requiring them to leave the familiar surroundings of home. Check out why more and more families are turning to home care to meet the needs of their loved ones with dementia:

1. Symptom Management

Seniors with dementia often experience a wide range of symptoms from behavioral changes to feelings of fear, anxiety, and restlessness. By providing your loved one with care at home, he or she can remain in familiar surroundings, which helps to reduce confusion and often minimizes common symptoms associated with the condition as well.

2. Continuation with Regular Routines

Dementia care specialists often recommend that seniors with dementia establish regular routines to reduce feelings of confusion or anxiety. When your loved one receives assistance in the comfort of home, he or she can maintain the routine that was enjoyed prior to the diagnosis. This type of established and regular routine helps increase your loved one’s awareness about what time of day it is and provides consistency in his or her life.

3. Level of Care

Although symptoms of dementia will get progressively worse overtime, changes from one stage of the disease to the next can happen gradually or even overnight. When care is being provided at home, the amount of care can be easily adjusted to meet new care needs. Professional caregivers who have become familiar with their client’s needs will also be able to detect any changes in physical health or mood and behavior and report them to the doctor to ensure the appropriate level of care is being provided 24/7.

4. More Time with Loved Ones

When a loved one receives care in the comfort of home, it is easier for the family to stay involved in the care process. Family members can visit freely and do not have restrictions on when they can and cannot be present and can thus spend more quality time with their loved one with dementia.

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