4 Major Reasons Aging Adults Refuse Their Medication

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Why Seniors Refuse Medication in Fort Myers, FL

Medications can be a critical component to staying healthy later in life, so it can be frustrating and baffling when a senior loved one doesn’t take his or her prescribed pills. Fort Myers 24-hour care experts discuss 4 major reasons why your loved one may be refusing his or her meds.

1. Side Effects

Many seniors have difficulty adjusting to the side effects of medications, which may include nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and dry mouth. These and other side effects can be intense enough to dissuade seniors from following their medication regimen. In fact, they may even believe they feel worse due to their medications. In this case, working with a doctor to reduce the side effects may increase your loved one’s cooperation.

2. Insufficient Health Benefits

Seniors may sometimes feel as though their medications aren’t working and give up taking them for this reason. They may not experience the benefits they had hoped for when the doctor prescribed the medication. Instead of waiting or contacting their physician, they simply stop taking their meds. You may have to convince your loved one that continuing to take the meds is in his or her best interest.

3. Complex Regimens

Many seniors feel confused or frustrated by the complexity of their doctors’ instructions. For instance, it may be difficult to remember whether to take food on an empty stomach or not, or what to do if they miss a dose. This complexity can lead to taking their medications sporadically or not at all. Drafting an easy-to-read schedule or instruction manual style document can help your loved one navigate his or her medications.

4. Memory Loss

Outright refusal isn’t the only reason seniors don’t take their medications. Sometimes they just forget to take them. Though some seniors use this reason as a convenient excuse, those who have dementia or Alzheimer’s are likely to experience some form of memory loss. A Fort Myers home caregiver can easily help by creating schedules and reminders for your loved one to use.

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