Why Seniors Prefer to Age in Place

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Why Seniors Prefer to Age in Place in Fort Myers, FL

Seniors love their independence and most cling to it steadfastly even when cognitive functioning and mobility decrease. Although taking up residence in an assisted living facility or moving in with family might seem like an obvious choice at this stage of life, there are countless reasons why many seniors prefer to age in place. The good news is there are adequate resources for ensuring your elderly loved one can continue enjoying an acceptable life quality while living at home.

To Maintain a Sense of Connection

The golden years are often characterized by frequent loss. Aging adults have to face the passing of friends and spouses while simultaneously confronting their own mortality. Living in a familiar environment can make these losses easier to contend with. In a home filled with good memories, seniors may find they have something positive to hold on to.

Because Independence Is Important

Everyone wants to maintain their sense of autonomy and, thus, the desire to age in place is natural. Elderly adults like having their own home environments, rules, and routines. Living with someone else generally requires adapting to new atmospheres and lifestyles, which can be disconcerting to many seniors.

The Possibility of Change Seems Unappealing

Most seniors like consistency, and disruptions or major changes in their environments and lifestyles aren’t just disconcerting, they can also be downright scary. When life is filled with a number of unexpected developments, having a stable and consistent home is critical for maintaining peace of mind. Many seniors consider their homes to be their own personal sanctuaries, which becomes increasingly important as life becomes more challenging.

The Fear of Being Burdensome

Most aging adults are reluctant to place too many demands on their loved ones. By living at home, your loved one gets to maintain a sense of self-sufficiency and can avoid becoming a burden. Although family caregivers in Fort Myers might be more than willing to open their homes, maintaining status as the heads of their own households can give seniors a much-needed sense of confidence and pride.

Because the Right Resources Exist

Savvy seniors know now is the best time to age in place. There are countless services and resources aging adults can rely on to ensure their basic needs are being met. Between Fort Myers at-home care companies, senior transportation services, meal delivery services, and more, there is a feasible, affordable solution to nearly every need that can arise.

To ensure your loved one ages in place safely and comfortably, make sure the assistance he or she needs is readily available. At Fort Myers Home Care, our part-time and live-in caregivers can help with a variety of tasks both in and out of the house. We also offer specialized Parkinson’s, stroke, and dementia care in Fort Myers. For more information on our senior care services, call one of our qualified Care Managers at (239) 449-4701 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.


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